Pre-Season and Registration 

● All Registration will be done online. 

● Pre-season prep of all boats and equipment will be performed by staff and Program Director, and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with approved cleaners/disinfectants. 

● Staff will be screened for Covid-19 Symptoms prior to work every shift 

● Pre-season prep will begin June 22, 2020 

Classes/Program Format 

● Each class will be limited to8 sailors/2 instructors. 1 instructor per boat, or 2 instructors with social distancing. Sailors will be kept in the same small group during the duration of each class/session. 

● Classes will be 2 hours, and each session start time will be staggered to minimize the amount of students arriving/leaving and on land/docks at the same time. 

● The program will run a 5 day/week, 4 week session , beginning of week 7/6

● Sailors with-in high risk categories should not participate in FHSS classes this season. 

Cleaning and disinfecting 

■ Boats and equipment will be disinfected and cleaned before and after each class using a product from the list of disinfectants meeting EPA criteria for use against Covid-19. . 

■ Sailors will use their own private boats when available for lessons, and will be disinfected after each class/lesson. 

■ FHSS will provide staff with all necessary cleaning products, wipes, and disinfectants. 

Social Distancing 

■ While sailors/students are on the dock/land, they should maintain social distancing of 6 feet from other students and staff to the best of their ability. 

■ Students/sailors will not enter the FYC building, all instruction will be on the water. In the event of inclement weather, distance learning/zoom classes will take place on the water instruction. 

■ Instructors and/or boat owner will have boats rigged prior to class time, students will arrive and go directly to their boats. 

■ Instructors will be responsible for maintaining social distance among sailors. Gathering on the docks or basin area prohibited, and students will arrive and go directly to their assigned boat or their personal boat. 

■ Face Coverings: Sailors must wear face covering while on land and docks, face covering may be removed once they are off the dock in their boats (if single handed), and provided they are able to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from all other sailors and instructors present. 

■ Sailors should arrive dressed and ready to sail, and will be picked up immediately after their class is finished. 

Hygiene Protocols 

■ Sailors and instructors must achieve proper hand hygiene at the beginning and end of all activities, either through hand washing with soap and water at one of the hand washing stations by the docks or by the hoist, or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

■ Hand washing stations will be available at multiple stations around FYC, and hand sanitizer will be available to all sailors and instructors. 

■ No food or drinks will be provided, sailors are allowed and should bring their own personal water bottles. 

■ FHSS staff will be trained on all applicable protocols for entering/leaving the facility, hand hygiene requirements, and disinfection protocols. 

Hauling Boats/ End of day 

● Students will individually dock their boat, tie up and leave the dock before the next student docks and ties up. 

● Instructors will de-rig, and properly clean each boat/equipment before storing at the end of the day. 

● There will be no socializing on the docks once finished class. 

Staffing and Operations 

● If a sailor or instructor develops symptoms of COVID-19 during class time, they should promptly inform the Program Director and must be removed from the class, parents will be contacted and the student should return home. 

● Face coverings shall be worn by all instructors, sailors, and volunteers in accordance with MA guidelines to prevent against the transmission of COVID-19 throughout the duration of their activity. 

● Masks will be provided for all staff and instructors, and they are required to wear them during their entire shift. 

● Staff lunches will be staggered.

Falmouth Harbor Sailing School 

Teaching the community the art and science of sailing since 1990

The Falmouth Harbor Sailing School will follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of it's sailors and instructors.