Maria "Siren" Medeiros - 420-1  Instructor

Years on Staff: 3

Hometown: Falmouth, MA

Education: Falmouth Academy

Fun Fact: ​​Maria is on an international lacrosse team.

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor

Senior Instructors

Mary "Bloody" Schmitt - Opti-2  Instructor

Years on Staff: 1

Hometown: Bourne, MA

Education: Bourne High School 

Fun Fact: ​​Mary skippers her family's J105 sailboat named Hardtack. 

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor

Bekah "Camelot" Morrison - Learn to Sail Instructor

Years on Staff: 5

Hometown: Medfield, MA

Education: Beaver Country Day School, Georgetown University 

Fun Fact: Bekah is fluent in Mandarin. 

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor

Program Director


Abe "Lincoln" Tolkoff - Opti-1 Instructor

Years on Staff: 4

Hometown: Brookline, MA

Education: Belmont Hill School, Alzar School (Semester)

Fun Fact: Abe spent the last semester in Idaho and Chile with the Alzar School. 

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor

Brian "Helmet" Coppola - 420-2 Instructor

Years on Staff: 5

Hometown: Westwood, MA

Education: Westwood High School, University of Vermont 

Fun Fact: Brian loves photography. 

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor

Michael "Iceman" O'Connor - 420 Race Coach 

Hometown: Foxborough, Ma
Years on Staff: 18
Mike  grew up sailing at Wild Harbor Yacht Club. He worked at FHSS in college where he sailed for the Boston University team. He is now the Head Sailing Coach and Director of Sailing at Harvard University and Falmouth Harbor Sailing School. 

Josh "Jerry" Shapiro - Private Lessons Coordinator

Years on Staff: 5

Hometown: Needham, MA

Education: Beaver Country Day School, Emory University 

Fun Fact: Josh has randomly bumped into Adam Sandler three different times in three different places. 

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor

​​2019 Falmouth Harbor Sailing School Instructors

Teaching the community the art and science of sailing since 1990

Nate "Happy Hour" Borovick - Opti Race Coach

Years on Staff: 8

Hometown: Sudbury, MA

Education: Lincoln-Sudbury High, Boston University 

Fun Fact: Nate won the Falmouth Cup in 2012. 

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor

Falmouth Harbor Sailing School 

Where our Instructors Sail? Past and Present....

Mike O'Connor - Harvard University coach

Nate Borovick - Boston University 

​Bekah Morrison - Georgetown University 

Julia Wyatt - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Claire Coppola - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 

Jack Papetti - Brown University

Jessica Friedman - Tufts University 

Erin Smith - Connecticut College 

Atlantic Brugman - Stanford University coach, sailed at Connecticut College

Tim Harding - Brown University 

Meg Harding - University of Pennsylvania 

Lily McGrath - Boston College

Shira Golub - George Washington University

Nestor Cano - Stanford University